The Game Changer for the 21st Century Lifestyle!

To be able to look into the future, we have to reflect over the past:

With the evolution of times, human lifestyle has sufferd a tremendous change, but imagine a concept able to offer a holistic lifestyle approach using the most innovative technology and latest studies and researches to bring a positive change and adaptation to the 21st Century modern life.



imagine as a future possibility; visualize.
“she envisioned”

The Concept

The health awareness campaigns along with the failures of alternative – invasive – surgical weight loss and weight control methods have awakened the importance of a healthier lifestyle creating so a high demand for effective workouts and personal training guidance.


We combine state-of-the-art EMS technology with years of fitness and nutrition expertise to help you achieve more with less.


Get personalised plans and individualised nutrition advice custom-tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals.

3D Body Scan

3D body-scanning has elevated the measuring activity through the use of digital images of body shapes and measurements.

Personal Training
  • By session 25KD (one time training)
  • Monthly 170KD (8 sessions) – 35 days validity
  • 3 Months 480KD (24 sessions) – 2 weeks freeze
  • 6 Months 910 KD (48 sessions) – 1 month freeze
  • 1 Year 1480KD (80 sessions) – end within 1 year period.
Group Personal Training
  • By session 15KD (one time entry)
  • Monthly 105KD (8 sessions) – 35 days validity
  • 3 Months 290KD (24 sessions) – 2 weeks freeze
  • 6 Months 580KD (48 sessions) – 1 month freeze
  • 1 Year 840KD (80 sessions) – end within 1 year period.
3D Body Scan and Assessment
  • 10KD (gym members)
  • 20KD (non-members)
Couple Membership
  • By session 20KD (per person)
  • Monthly 125KD (8 sessions)
  • 3 Months 385KD (24 sessions)
  • 6 Months 765KD (48 sessions)
  • 1 Year 1280KD (80 sessions)

About Us

Fitness has always been in a constant state of evolution, but it’s not until recently that technology has been able to pair so well with exercising.

Our story

As EMS training pioneers since 2014, we have ENVISION-ed ever since the moment we live in today: an advanced fitness wearable cutting off the shackles of the past, severing the cord and providing not only full freedom of movement but a complete body suit with additional electrodes in key points (shoulder, lats, calves) and individual control on each and every single muscle stimulation electrode, especially on the agonist and antagonist muscles (and if you have been with us quite a while you know what we mean).

Our Team

With an extensive knowledge and a vast wealth of experience, our team and coaches is ready to bring positive changes in your life and we have made it our personal mission to ensure achievements according to everyone’s needs, conditions and goals. So, whether you’re an athlete or just beginning a fitness journey, you need personal training or looking for a dynamic group training routine, we are here to deliver that awesome result you have been searching for.

Get your personal EMS Suit today!

Discover the game changer for the 21st-century lifestyle.