About us

Fitness has always been in a constant state of evolution, but it’s not until recently that technology has been able to pair so well with exercising.



imagine as a future possibility; visualize.
“she envisioned”


It all started with a 1st project planned in 2014 when we successfully introduced for the very first time the EMS (Electro `muscular stimulation) training in Kuwait: the “20minutes workout” that completely changed everything you once knew about training and conditioning. 20 minutes that equal 4 hours of traditional exercising.

Getting not only specialized, but completely living the phenomena, studying and re-searching every single aspect onto the very finest detail to bring up now an amazing game changing and upgrade for everything you already thought amazing.

ENVISION the reconceptualization of Fitness for the 21st Century!


Our goal is to deliver a superior fitness experience and efficient training method with immediate and long-term results without downtime or side effects for a permanent lifestyle change that leads to an improved quality of life and a better, healthier living.

Our Story

As EMS training pioneers since 2014, we have ENVISION-ed ever since the moment we live in today: an advanced fitness wearable cutting off the shackles of the past, severing the cord and providing not only full freedom of movement but a complete body suit with additional electrodes in key points (shoulder, lats, calves) and individual control on each and every single muscle stimulation electrode, especially on the agonist and antagonist muscles (and if you have been with us quite a while you know what we mean).


Our aim is to offer not only the most amazing and effective training experience but through our holistic lifestyle approach: fitness, nutrition, supplementation, life coaching; bring that positive adaptation to the 21st Century modern life, boost longevity, wellbeing, overall health, strength and help you get that harmonious fit looking body!


Our professional team will always make sure to offer not only the best quality training, knowledge and experience, but all the energy, work, motivation and support in order for you to become your best version of yourself.

At ENVISION we have taken Fitness and EMS training to a whole new level, bringing the future into the NOW