Our Training Styles

As former athletes becoming specialized in Fitness, and boarding on the EMS training trend in 2014, we got to see that there is much more to fitness then just cardio and weights, and there is much more to EMS then just additional muscle contractions.



imagine as a future possibility; visualize.
“she envisioned”

Why Envision

We make use of the Power Suit as a turbo booster for your own strength, and we take advantage of its capability to recruit more muscle fiber (then possible through conventional training) and in depth muscle activation (fibers hard to recruit through regular exercising) to enhance your body response to resistance training for stronger muscles, better bone density and less fat tissue.
The key for longevity is muscles – the largest organ in the human body. To have more muscle mass we need to apply (or let the muscle fibers experience) mechanical tension.

Mechanical tension triggers cellular signaling pathway for hypertrophy (muscle training). The muscle fibers experience mechanical tension, so the more you recruit muscle fibers and on top you apply mechanical tension, the more you will gain muscle, power, strength, endurance, speed, explosivity, SO here is where ENVISION power suit come in: recruiting 90% of the body muscles, especially the large muscle fibers that have the ability to respond well to resistance training hence better muscle training and faster results.

Besides the higher muscle recruitment, the power suit will also help in recover from muscle injury, releasing tight muscles and trigger points, improving muscle cell resilience to stress (training load and volume), better blood flow to the stimulated cells and muscles (for oxygen and nutrient delivery).

Here’s a fact!

Majority of the gym goers are over doing it (overtraining) ignoring the importance of recovery, which is the same source we use in everything we do in our lives. Job, family, social life depletes the same source (all of this impacts the recovery source), plus the exercise as a stressor. What ends up happening when you don’t recover properly? the risk of injury increases, immune system decreases, some hormones crush, general fatigue, poor sleeping, low performance, not quite achieving the result one is in search for, but more around exhaustion and demotivation.

And here’s the science broken down to simple

Calculating effort and muscle stimulation with the right recovery time is the formula for achieving your goals: EMS stimulation + mechanical tension + recovery.

The minimum for maximum results: innovative technology + the right biomechanics in execution + the right exercise selection.

Suitable for everyone above the age of 16 (to finish growing and develop the muscular system), no matter the fitness level, shape, gender, ENVISION System is a training tool we are using to create diverse combinations and methods of physical activity to ensure optimal result for different individuals and applications. All you need is 20minutes!

Once seen results, it becomes addiction, for real

Envision fitness moves

Women and men, young and old, beginners and top athletes.

The power suit stimulates

90% of the human musculoskeletal system – the entire body is automatically involved, stimulated and trained.

The electro muscular stimulation accelerates

Your results; weather it’s muscle formation and definition or weight loss and fat burning.

Time efficient training

20 minutes of Envision Fitness equals 4 hours of conventional training.

The training reinforces

Hypertrophy, endurance, strength, speed, cardio resistance, fat burning. flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina.

Envision power suit enables

Muscular, cardio-vascular, lymphatic, neuronal and endocrinological systems.

Envision training supports

Any sport and movement, functional training, group classes, boxing, athletics and many other types of workouts.

Effective and sustainable, envision training comes in to get the best out of you.

Come along and be part of the movement

A Fitness Training wearable that enabels your body capability to engage and respond to fitness training

Stimulation variation

Controls the ratio of pulse to a perfectly timed period.

Controls the ratio of pulse to a perfectly timed period.

Adapts the frequencies gently but dynamically to the body’s muscle.

Frequency adjustment

the pulses can also be modulated between soft, medium and hard depending on the type of exercise, training goal and fitness level.

Compensates muscular imbalances

Any physical imbalances such as different performance on the right or left are quickly compensated.