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    imagine as a future possibility; visualize.
    “she envisioned”

    About EMS Trainings

    Electro Muscular Stimulation, is a 200 year’s old technique used for recovery and rehabilitation – physiotherapy. In sports it begun to be used in the 60’s which later, in the 90’s revolutionized into an effective fitness tool. The EMS concept uses electrical impulses to contract the muscles, reaching deeper muscle layers, that are hard to activate through conventional training.

    EMS impulses are applied via electrodes within a body suit throughout the body, directly above the muscles, that are then stimulated whilst doing a series of workout exercises. The combination of various exercises leads to an additional increase of tension producing highly effective training results that achieve optimal results for different applications such as:
    • Boosting a higher energy demand
    • Strengthening and conditioning
    • Improving performance, fitness level and speed;
    • Muscle formation and definition;
    • Reshaping and toning
    • Reducing cellulite and firming the skin;
    • Promoting mobility and flexibility;
    • Rehabilitates and works as body therapy;
    • Assists in healing back pain and improve general body posture.
    We make use of the Power Suit as a turbo booster for your own strength, and we take advantage of its capability to recruit more muscle fiber (then possible through conventional training) and in depth muscle activation (fibers hard to recruit through regular exercising) to enhance your body response to resistance training for stronger muscles, better bone density and less fat tissue.
    The key for longevity is muscles – the largest organ in the human body. To have more muscle mass we need to apply (or let the muscle fibers experience) mechanical tension.
    Envision fitness moves

    Women and men, young and old, beginners and top athletes.

    The power suit stimulates

    90% of the human musculoskeletal system – the entire body is automatically involved, stimulated and trained.

    The electro muscular stimulation accelerates

    Your results; weather it’s muscle formation and definition or weight loss and fat burning.

    Time efficient training

    20 minutes of Envision Fitness equals 4 hours of conventional training.

    The training reinforces

    Hypertrophy, endurance, strength, speed, cardio resistance, fat burning. flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina.

    Envision power suit enables

    Muscular, cardio-vascular, lymphatic, neuronal and endocrinological systems.

    Envision training supports

    Any sport and movement, functional training, group classes, boxing, athletics and many other types of workouts.

    Effective and sustainable, envision training comes in to get the best out of you.