Is 25minutes enough?
Let’s define 25minutes, 25min of high-quality exercise is plenty of time, especially when (also) enhanced by the power suit. There is a diminishing return of energy and hormonal response to stressors. There is a cross line of stimulus once fatigue catches the cross line, the body switches to survival mode and there are no more benefits or very low.

Training every day is not ideal. Yes, you read correctly. The body responds to low and moderate effort, because if the recovery is not done properly at a molecular level will be a low to no benefit at all, while the goal is to become better not stagnate, plateau or become weaker or even injured.

More doesn’t mean better.

As former athletes and coaches currently, we’ve learned it the hard way and understood it by experience. You don’t need to train like crazy and with tones of volume to be in good shape and strength. Athletic training is a different story and there is much to talk (in another article – soon).

Injuries that come from overtraining are very hard to recover from and they get triggered very easy afterwards. Sometimes you can be one second away from an injury because of unproper training volume-recovery, then, suddenly, while doing a very basic or normal daily life move: snap!! That’s the result of junk volume: high volume, high load, and no proper recovery.

When overtraining, the nervous system takes longer to recover, even though sometimes you feel you are ready to train, there won’t be positive feedback, moreover you will be taxing your system more and more and more. The goal is to be strong, healthy, in shape and feel good, with the right dose of stress (stress here meaning physical activity).

So, back to the 25minutes, that’s plenty of time to have a good workout especially when enhanced and amplified by the power suit.

Mehdi Ben Nasr
Anka Oprisor