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Who can practice at ENVISION
If you want to become better, look better, feel better and in a faster period, then this is the place for you

Anyone above the age of 16 can exercise in our facility. Men, women, beginners and advanced, athletes, overweight people, in shape, out of shape, in recovery, post-partum, anyone who wants to improve their condition or need to start a fitness journey.

How is that possible?

Firstly, we are taking you in for an assessment where we get to know your current condition (or level), your background and what’s the desired goal you want to achieve. According to that our team of coaches will design the perfect training scenario, adapting it along the way creating a positive outcome in the shortest time possible.

Training is not only a matter of physical exercising, but a coaching journey which goes deeper into a transformation process to create a new version of yourself physically and mentally. Our coaches will not only create the best training protocols, specific and personalized for you, but will support you toward developing a healthier lifestyle, create new habits and routines.

  • For beginners or non-experienced – the training system will help you alleviate your body performance level and the response to the training even if you are just starting.
  • Athletes – can enjoy a higher superior force that will amplify their main training goal by unlocking a better muscle functionality and nervous system efficiency whatever the goal is: strength, power, endurance, speed, explosivity, muscle hypertrophy and recovery.
  • For subjects recovering from injury or having a specific physical condition – the external muscular stimulation will accelerate the recovery of the tissue without load and without aggravating, pain, or discomfort (muscle tear, spasm, trigger points, disk condition, joints etc.).
  • Over-weight people – having a few extra kg (or more) makes exercising a bit more challenging not only in terms of strength/weakness or heaviness in movement but also for the cardio-respiratory system. The training system will ease the movements by externally contracting the muscles to offer the necessary strength needed in the exercising and help you burn more kcal than you would normally burn in regular exercising (also) without the unnecessary stress on the joint and ligaments and without overtaxing the cardiovascular system.
  • For seniors and aged people – with the years passing and advancing in life, in the absence of resistance training, catabolism occurs (at a faster pace than anabolism) which means losing muscles. That makes one be more prone to metabolic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, Alzheimer, Parkinson etc). So maintaining muscle mass with aging is a must. Training can and will slow down the aging process or even revers it to some degree.
  • Women after delivery – are preoccupied not only about removing the extra pregnancy kilograms, but also about tightening the abdominal and pelvic floor, which is possible making use of the external stimulation. The suit will help in recruiting in depth those weakened muscles and strengthen the tissue and restore the firmness faster than the natural body healing process.

Mehdi Ben Nasr
Anka Oprisor