man doing fitness
The real science behind the ENVISION Training System
At Envision it’s well-known that we are making use (and include) technology in our training routines, more precisely: EMS – Electro Muscular Stimulation.

As said previously and commonly known Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is external activation in the form of electrical signaling (via electrodes) sent to the body stimulating the skeletal muscles.

What that exactly means?

The EMS System is mimicking the signals sent by the CNS (Central Nervous System) commanding the muscles to create contraction. Based on this natural process the system is integrated in the training routine (without any risks or side effects), with the difference that we can control the stimulation, frequency and recovery based on the types of stimuli we are looking for and the type of training we want to create (or the goal we want to achieve).

Why should you implement our training style in your exercising routines

When you execute a movement (for fitness purpose) you not necessary engage a large percent of muscle fibers from that specific muscle group responsible for the move (or action) you want to create, but when combined with the external stimulation automatically you engage high threshold motor unit which otherwise is not possible in the conventional way. Meaning better performance and greater results, and of course faster.

That’s the main reason, us, at ENVISION, we have created and consolidated this training system where we make use of the power suits as a body turbo booster to enhance fitness results.

Now, when it comes to fitness, our approach is based on the latest research, backed by science, ensuring correct biomechanics and the understanding of stimulus to fatigue ratio: estimating effort – intensity – volume – frequency and its relationship with recovery (because most of the people either don’t challenge that much or they overdo it).

Our motto is quality over quantity! Why? Because quantity without quality will end up in junk volume, which is not sustainable first, and brings bad adaptation; as a result, the risk of injury grows pushing the body to fight for survival without positive outcome, many ending up quitting exercising due to injuries. Muscles are the largest organ in the body and the one responsible for longevity. Therefore, the goal is to preserve and maintain (or even grow lean mass) as we age, and train without issues over years and years.

Exercising should be part of our lifestyle: never stop exercising – only adapt, or change the goal according to the phase you are in or willing to move towards.

Keep in mind planning, autoregulating and periodization is the key to sustain effort for as long as possible and, now, enjoying the added value and the health benefits that EMS technology brings along the journey.

Mehdi Ben Nasr
Anka Oprisor